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[May 24, 2013] Memorial Day Sicily Run 2013 (Sicily island la)

Discussion in 'Upcoming Events (Trail Rides, Meetings, etc.)' started by DIP-TUBE, Apr 30, 2013.

By DIP-TUBE on Apr 30, 2013 at 8:10 PM

    DIP-TUBE Dutch rudder Staff Member

    Nov 9, 2004
    Jason Thompson
    Any one going?
    I am planing to go and thought for sure some one else already posted
    this up ,guess not
    Been over a year for me so I know none of the trails
    I am thinking drive up EARLY Saturday ,get there for 8:00 am
    Leave out at 6:00 on Sunday
    This gives 2 good days to wheel and I don't have to take any time off of work
    who else?
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Memorial Day Sicily Run 2013
Start Date: May 24, 2013 07:00
End Date: May 24, 2013 07:00
Time Zone: America/Belize -06:00 CST

Catahoula recreation park
905 bend rd
Sicily island la

Posted By: LowJ

Confirmed Attendees: 7
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    1. cajun01
      I can't make it. We are headed to the beach that weekends

      Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I997 using Tapatalk 2
    2. LowJ
      In unless I can figure out a way to make it to the Alabama ride that same weekend. I think Woody is in too.
    3. freshmeat
      I haven't had a free moment to discuss this with my wife, but I should be in for this one. Going to try to drive up Friday, wheel Saturday and Sunday, then come back Sunday evening.
    4. DIP-TUBE
      Yeah with the bad back/neck I am only sleeping on the ground 1 night
    5. LowJ
      Can someone make this an event with a date?
    6. edman87k5
      May be in, not sure yet. Son has something with scouts on that saturday and we are going to disney a few weeks after, so I will have to see.
    7. freshmeat
      Can you not make the post? If you make it we'll get it approved pronto.
    8. LowJ
      I'm lazy but I will get a secretary to set it up later.
      Freshmeat likes this.
    9. LowJ
      Wheeling for an extended weekend, what could be better? Who is in?

      I'll try to confirm with Dennis later today.
    10. LowJ
    11. freshmeat
      I'm still working on it. I'll post up one way or another once it's official.
    12. LowJ
      Dennis says come on.
      themcfarland likes this.
    13. DIP-TUBE
      Well I'm in
      Is the camping still at deer creek? Still enter across the road from deer creek?
      Like I said it has been a while
    14. LowJ
      I don't know about that but camping is free with admission to the property. Camp anywhere you want off the trails and roads.
    15. freshmeat
      Or at the base of the Little Ditch. You know- whatever.
    16. Lsu60driver
      Would this be something a new guy could keep up with? I'm interested in coming if so, thanks
    17. Broncoman1974
      Definately. I may or may not be there for this ride but the park is set up so you can easily get around. Mind what the trail leader says regarding difficulty and pick your trails, or just tool around on your own. Several of the trails are cut throughs between longer trails and if they exceed your limitations you can spectate. I have only been there once, but once you figure the map out you can get around easily.
    18. LA-Sahara
      Wish I could make it but that weekend splits our exams, which we will be taking Memorial Day. :kurt:
    19. LowJ
      Not cool.

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