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[May 10, 2013] Sicily Run (Sicily Island, LA)

Discussion in 'Upcoming Events (Trail Rides, Meetings, etc.)' started by LowJ, Apr 23, 2013.

By LowJ on Apr 23, 2013 at 9:51 AM
  1. LowJ

    LowJ just driving a LJ around

    Sep 21, 2011
    A couple of us Alexandria folks are trying to put a run together for the weekend of May 10-12. All rigs, tires sizes and people welcome.
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Sicily Run
Start Date: May 10, 2013 09:00
End Date: May 10, 2013 10:00
Time Zone: America/Belize -06:00 CST

Sicily Island Rec Park
905 Bend Road
Sicily Island, LA 71368

Posted By: LowJ

Confirmed Attendees: 3
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Discussion in 'Upcoming Events (Trail Rides, Meetings, etc.)' started by LowJ, Apr 23, 2013.

    1. LimoDriver
    2. toyotech
      I"ll be there as long as my metal cloak stuff comes in.
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    3. Rubi2012
      Wut ya get? I'm running all game changer underneath except for the 6 packs and rear control arms. Just haven't got them yet....

      Sent from the RAZR
    4. toyotech
      getting my fenders and rock guards. so i dont slide into a tree again
    5. toyotech
      still got to put in my gear also. 4.56s. hopefully do that in 2 weeks
      Rubi2012 likes this.
    6. LowJ
      Coming? Got to see if I can keep up with you.
    7. LimoDriver
      You'll be able to catch up when he runs in to xj's on the trail.
    8. toyotech
      we ran with robert last time and that guy is a beast in his jeep. i was very inpressed
      Rubi2012 likes this.
    9. Rubi2012
      I wanna see then fenders when you get em on. I'm seriously considering em.

      Sent from the RAZR
      Warthog likes this.
    10. Rubi2012
      IM running it of money!

      Sent from the RAZR
    11. Rubi2012
      For real though....who just parks an XJ in the middle of the trail in the middle of the night and leaves a guy sleeping in it? Glad I just bumped the tire! ;)

      Sent from the RAZR
    12. toyotech
      lol. that shit was funny when you hit it. that guy jump up and was like WTF
    13. LowJ
      He is pretty mean to it.

      Don't sweat the little stuff. You can just come slum it with us who don't have a air mattress, heated tents and flameproof khakis racing suits. :dance:

      I will even make sure my winch is working fine to pull you off any trees you roll into this time, since Woody won't be there to save the day.
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    14. Notakar
      Your boy Robert doesn't believing in sweating....
    15. toyotech
      I would do the same thing. I even have the perfect a.c unit
    16. zachary relan
      zachary relan
      for real though i do, try loosing a tire in the shit we were riding in and drive it back to camp. my buddy and his girl fell asleep while we went back to camp in jessie's rig to get some tools, plus i dont realy like that dude lol he is my neighbor
    17. Rubi2012
      That shit was crazy. I had my 50 on and know it reflected off your ride. I came over the hill and was watching the line of guys behind me. When I looked forward, locked em up and skid all the way down the hill right into your tire. I thought your boy was the driver and was taking a nap....:) nothing I could do, skid right into the rear tire. He hopped up real quick. Didn't find out till in the morning you had lost a tire. Sorry bout that, we would have offered a hand, but you were already on your way back....

      Sent from the RAZR
    18. zachary relan
      zachary relan
      its all good man you did scare the shit out of him he thought the jeep fell it was suspended in the tree by my winch line. well hopefully i dont have any more tire issues i just ordered a set of diy beadlocks[​IMG]
      Warthog, Rubi2012 and rustbucket like this.
    19. LimoDriver
      Yeah, looking back we really could have helped out. Especially with that storm coming. I was too intoxicated to even think about that though. I probably would have just crawled up in the jeep and fell asleep, to be woken up by downpour later on.

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